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Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome Foundation Kids Quadrathlon
Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome Foundation Kids Quadrathlon
May 05, 2024, 7:30 AM – 12:00 PM
3951 N St, Sacramento, CA 95816, USA

Quadrathlon Information

What you need to know...

The WSS Foundation Kids Quadrathlon for children ages 4-18 will be held in the traditional triathlon format of swim bike, and run with an added twist, a circuit training course between the swim and bike.*  Children will complete each sport in that order.  Age-based waves (heats) will determine the starting time for your child. 


Upon arrival at the race site, participants need to check-in first.  When checking in, your child will be “bodymarked” (a triathlon tradition of writing each participant’s race number on his/her/their arms and legs) with their race number, division, and heat. Next, your child will select a parking spot for their bike (areas will be labeled by age division) and leave their helmet on their handlebars. Your child will be given a bag to put their towel, goggles, swim cap, socks, shoes and clothes in. They will bring that to the pool.


The first event will be the swim. Your child will take their race bag to the ready bench and then eventually to the blocks. Volunteers will collect their bags and have them ready in the transition area after their swim. After completing the swim, your child will dry off, get dressed, and head to the circuit training course on the back tennis courts (there will be volunteers to help them with shoes, towels bags, etc- volunteers will return their bag to where it originally hung on the fence for retrieval after the race). Once done with the circuit training course, they’ll run out to the transition area where their bike is parked. They’ll put on their helmet, retrieve their bike, and head out on the bike course on M Street.  After your child finishes the bike leg, they’ll walk their bike back to the transition area and park their bike.  Then, they will take off on the run course.  The race finishes when your child crosses the finish line. Plenty of volunteers will be available throughout the course to assist your child with tying shoes, letting them know what direction to go, etc. 

*We are awaiting confirmation from the city that we can move forward with the bicycle portion as we have in year's past. Should that request be denied, we will move forward with a triathlon inclusive of swimming, circuit training, and running. 

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You've read about the event and you're ready to register. We can't wait to have you join us. Last year, it was reported that the Quadrathlon is better than a sleepover! Could there be a better compliment than that?

We have sponsorships available between $150 and $5,000. With the help of our sponsors, the WSS Tri has raised over $140,000 (net) for the Foundation.

This event would not be possible without volunteers.  We utilize about 75 volunteers on the day of the event for set-up, registration, street closure and course monitoring, ready bench, transition area, food distribution, medical aide, and take-down . Our volunteers do receive a complimentary event t-shirt. We thank you for your consideration.

Enjoy photos from our 2022 and 2023 Quadrathlons.

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